Iqaluit man posts photos of wildlife left to rot in nets

Norman Ishulutak says people leaving fish nets unattended should know about the harm to the environment they're causing.
Norman Ishulutak posted this photo and others of sea life caught at Frobisher Bay in unattended fish nets. (Norman Ishulutak )

An Iqaluit man is sharing his concerns about people leaving fishing nets unattended.

Norman Ishulutak posted photos on social media showing that fish and birds have been trapped in the nets and left to die and rot.

"People with fish nets should be more responsible, to look after them properly. And maybe the fishing should be monitored by Fisheries and authorities," Ishulutak said.

One of the fish caught in an unattended net at Frobisher Bay. (Norman Ishulutak )

He's a longtime boater and worried that careless fishers in Frobisher Bay are wasting natural resources.

Ishulutak won't say where he took the photos because he doesn't want to single any individuals out. But he says the nets were removed soon after people reacted angrily online to what they were seeing in the photos.