An Iqaluit man has been sentenced to five days in jail for assaulting another man with a two-by-four.

Justice Robert Kilpatrick says Appa Nowdlak, 26, is lucky he didn't kill Pauloosie Qaunirq.

On Oct. 9 at about 8 p.m. in front of Arctic Ventures, there was an altercation involving a group of men. The Crown called it a swarming.


The fight happened in front of Arctic Ventures in Iqaluit on Oct. 9 at about 8 p.m. (CBC)

Nowdlak punched and hit Qaurniq on the head with the piece of wood. Qaurniq fell to the ground. During the scuffle, Nowdlak kicked him twice in the head.

Nowdlak’s lawyer said the assault was done in self-defense.

Others were involved in the altercation, but no one else was charged.

Crown witnesses had been summoned to court to testify, but didn't show up. The victim couldn't testify because he died in February after getting lost near the Iqaluit airport in a blizzard.

Nowdlak was sentenced to five days in jail. He said if the victim was alive, he would have apologized. Nowdlak showed remorse in court.

Kilpatrick reminded him that this attack could have ended worse than it did.