Nunavut court

An Arctic Bay man was sentenced Friday for threatening his son with a rifle (CBC)

An Iqaluit man will spend time in jail for assaulting his partner.

29-year old Roy Manning appeared in the Nunavut Court of Justice on Friday afternoon, where he pleaded guilty.

In March, Manning was drunk and punched his common-law spouse in the face.  When police arrived he was in the house hiding under a bed. 

His lawyer told the court that spring is a rough time of year for Manning ever since he was involved in an Iqaluit water truck accident that killed a child seven years ago.

Since then Manning has been getting in trouble with the law, fuelled by alcohol consumption. Several years ago he tried to commit suicide using octane booster and was unconscious for two weeks.

Manning has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Justice Bonnie Tulloch told him to let the past be the past and to try to move forward to become a better person. She sentenced Manning to 20 days custody, served intermittently, plus two years probation.

The judge also told Manning to get counselling for alcohol abuse.