The Baffin Correctional Centre in Iqaluit is not an imminent fire risk, according to Nunavut's Director of Protective Services.

A fire prevention inspection done last spring found dozens of ways in which the jail was not meeting fire code. But Ed Zebedee said most of those deficiencies were minor.

"The Department of Justice has a very good fire safety plan, they have very conscientious staff that work there, and I think that shows in some of the recent incidents at the jail, they've been dealt with very quickly, very professionally," said Zebedee.

Last spring's fire inspection highlighted problems such as exit signs not working properly, and doors obstructed with furniture and other items.

Zebedee said most of the problems were minor – for example, a burned out bulb in an exit sign. He said the problems don’t pose an imminent fire risk to staff or inmates, and he believes the jail has taken action.

Zebedee said no follow-up inspection has taken place, partly because of staffing problems. He said there have been discussions with the Department of Justice about fixing the problems.

There have been four fires at the jail since May of 2010.