An inmate in Iqaluit will serve 14 months in jail for a number of offences, including threats and theft.

Willie Ishulutak was in court Monday, and pleaded guilty to 11 charges, including threats, theft, and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

The threat charge stemmed from his comments to a guard, Jessica Lloyd.

What he said was in dispute: Lloyd said he threatened to rape her, while Ishulutak denied that, saying he threatened to smear feces all over her face and body.

The incident happened on Nov. 20 of last year when Ishulutak was being housed in RCMP cells after his alleged involvement in a fire set at the jail a week earlier.

Lloyd said Ishulutak became verbally abusive after his request for a pen and paper was denied. He also urinated into Styrofoam cups three times and poured it under his cell door.

Ishulutak told the court on Monday he was frustrated after living in the RCMP cells for more than week, saying there was no shower, no toothbrush, and that he spent three nights sleeping on a concrete floor with no mattress.

Ishulutak read a statement in court, apologizing to Lloyd for scaring her. He began crying when talking about the impact his actions are having on his young son.

Justice Bonnie Tulloch accepted Lloyd’s version of events, and factored it into Tuesday's sentencing.

Ishulutak still faces charges in relation to the fire set at the Baffin Correctional Centre last fall.