An Iqaluit homeowner says she came close to losing her home this week when a group of children started a fire underneath her house.

Jaz Archambault says she heard her dog barking and then smelled smoke, so she went outside to check.

Jaz Archambault

Jaz Archambault says she doesn't believe the four girls about eight to 10 years of age had bad intentions. They were building a fort. (CBC)


She discovered a group of young girls starting a campfire beneath her house.

"We feel lucky that our dog warned us to this," she says. "Certainly with a family and a home and all our memories in this home it could have been a lot worse."

Archambault says four girls, who looked about eight to 10 years old, were building a fort beneath her house. 

She says she doesn't think they were trying to harm her property, but she wonders why their parents weren't around to watch them.