Some Iqaluit residents who rely on trucked water services are worried about running out of water over the holidays, but city councillors at a meeting Tuesday said people will not be left high and dry.

A change to trucked water schedules earlier this year means there are no water deliveries on Wednesday.

That had some worried they wouldn't have enough water heading into Christmas and the weekend.

"This week being a Friday, a holiday with no water, it does feel like we are being unfairly penalized," said Sarah MacRury earlier on Tuesday. "I'm going to be spending my weekend washing dishes and doing laundry and getting caught up from Wednesday and Friday without water."

Mayor Madeleine Redfern said they've heard the concerns and have come up with a plan.

"The city will provide water on Christmas Day and New Year's Day for those who have run out of water or those who feel they will run out of water."

Redfern says there will be no charge for callouts on those days, but cautioned that only those who really need it should call.