When there's heavy snowfall, don't rely on your GPS to navigate.

An Iqaluit hunter says heavy snow was the main cause of a boating accident in Frobisher Bay last weekend.

David Qaunniq was out hunting with three family members when it started snowing heavily. He says visibility was reduced to zero and he started navigating using his GPS... then he hit land.

The four managed to get out of the boat and were able to grab some gear before it sank.

Qaunniq says his son called for help on the satellite phone ...and they were rescued by the Coast Guard.

Qaunniq says Coast Guard officials told him that snowfall can affect the readings on a GPS.

"I was told the reading on my GPS was 2.5 kilometres off due to the heavy snowfall at the time," Qaunniq told the CBC in Inuktitut.

Qaunniq says he's grateful he and his family were rescued... although he lost most of his hunting equipment when the boat sank.

He urges hunters to always bring satellite phones and other emergency supplies when heading out on the water or land.