Tonight's high tide in Nunavut's capital will be one of the highest on record as this week's "supermoon" is creating super tides in coastal areas of the territory.

Frobisher Bay has some of the greatest tidal variance in Canada. The record tide for Iqaluit is 11.85 metres. On Tuesday, the tide is expected to come within centimetres of that high water mark.

"We're going to see these tidal heights that are similar about three times this year — in January, in August and in September — when there's a new and full moon occurring at the same time that the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit," said Terese Herron with the Canadian Hydrographic Service.

This week's higher than normal tides are sometimes called "king tides."

Clam diggers in Iqaluit are expecting a treasure trove when the tide goes out, especially on Frobisher Bay's long, flat seafloor.