The Iqaluit District Education Authority says it knows nothing about a teacher charged with sexual interference beyond what has been reported in the media.

In a news release March 28, the RCMP announced that an Iqaluit teacher had been charged with three counts of sexual interference involving students.

Education authority members held a meeting Monday night, where they discussed the issue in camera. None of the board members would speak to the media.

"The IDEA understands that it's under investigation and doesn't want to hinder the investigation in any way by speaking about it," said Sabrina Sherman, the IDEA’s administrator.

Sherman says the IDEA has never been informed who the teacher is, or what school he or she teaches at.

Sherman says any parents who are concerned should contact the Qikiqtani School Operations office of the Department of Education in Pond Inlet.

The Iqaluit education authority currently has no policy in place to deal with teachers charged with sex crimes. However, Sherman says she has been directed to work on one.