Iqaluit city councillor Kenny Bell says he won't chair committees without better support from city staff. (CBC)

Iqaluit City Councillor Kenny Bell resigned from four positions at last night's council meeting.

Bell was the chair of two taxi committees and chair of the public safety committee.

He said he had to step down because there is no support from city staff.

β€œIt's impossible to operate,” he said. β€œI've scheduled meetings. We haven't had them. They haven't happened. We came up; there was no agenda. It's just impossible to do without the support of the city. So in that fashion, I definitely cannot continue in that role.”

Later in the meeting, Bell resigned as vice-chair from the finance committee.

He said this year's budget was so poorly done, that he wants to be able to ask questions freely and not have to chair meetings.

Three of the positions were filled at last night's meeting.