Iqaluit city councillors will meet again Wednesday night to find the money in the city's budget to deal with the dump fire.

City council has pledged to put the dumpcano out, no matter the cost, but other levels of government won't be pitching in.

The Nunavut government says Iqaluit should have enough cash in its reserves to fight the fire but John Hussey, the city's chief administrative officer, says a lot of that money is already meant to go to certain projects and services.

"We'll have to really go into our day-to-day operational expenditures and probably open up the budget and do a lot of soul-searching in that budget to find lots of dollars, many dollars."

In July, council approved a $2.2 million plan to fight the fire.

Councillors are holding two meetings Wednesday night: first, a meeting of the Finance Committee of the Whole to discuss options, then a council meeting to vote on a plan.

The fire at the Iqaluit dump has been burning since May. Health officials have warned pregnant women not to breathe the smoke from the fire as there is a risk to the health of unborn babies.