Iqaluit’s public safety committee wants to hire someone to teach adults in Iqaluit about fire prevention.

Councillor Mary Wilman presented the committee's report to city council this week.

The fire department's first annual statistical report this year shone a light on problem areas. It showed that the majority of fires in the city in 2012 were caused by smoking, cooking, and heating equipment. Out of 46 fires, two were caused by youth.

"When you read the report, it's not the young, young kids that are starting it, which I thought is very problematic," she said.

The committee has four recommendations to increase fire prevention awareness: investigate and litigate suspicious fires, issue public safety announcements in English and Inuktitut, produce brochures, and conduct more fire drills at schools and office buildings.

For the moment, the city's communications and emergency services staff will work together on the recommendations.

The possibility of hiring a person to handle fire prevention education will be discussed during budget meetings next month.