The drawn out debate over a taxi fare increase in Iqaluit is leaving some frustrated.

Cab companies in Iqaluit are still pressing to move fares from $6 to $7, but last night the city's taxi review board tossed the matter back to city council.

“I feel like the ball's being thrown back and forward,” says Michael Gilbert, co-owner of Caribou Cabs. “It's the third time we come for this summer and... nothing moved so far.”

City councillor Noah Papatsie says citizens should get a say on the issue.

Alan Weeks, a member of the taxi review board, says a public consultation over a $1 fare increase would be too expensive.

He says a price increase is only fair.

“Gas has gone up considerably. Taxi drivers have maintenance, they have rent to pay.”

Kathy Hanson feels differently.

“It’s only a dollar,” she says. “But the people that you serve are people that struggle to go to work because of that extra cost.”

Their compromise was to hold a consultation on the increase during a regular city council meeting.

It’ll be up to them to decide whether a consultation on the increase can be held during one of their bimonthly meetings.

That means more waiting for Gilbert. 

"It's kind of sad because we're expecting that for a few years now," he says. "It's seven years there's no increase. It's not a lot, it's a dollar, but if we don't have that dollar, we lose money every year."

Gilbert says the increase would offset rising gas prices and car maintenance costs.