Another victim of a vicious pit bull attack in Iqaluit has come forward.

Duane Caza, a taxi driver in the city, said he was attacked just over a week ago by the same dog that attacked a woman on Sunday.

Caza said he was waiting in his taxi near the Snack restaurant when a woman got in. She said she was trying to get away from an aggressive pit bull.

Caza said the woman who jumped in his cab asked the owner, 23-year-old Saata Koochiajuke, to tie up the dog. Instead, Koochiajuke allegedly opened the taxi door and told the dog to attack.

It went after Caza and he said the owner did nothing to stop it.

"She was still, was still smiling away. Telling me stuff, that if something happened to the dog, she was going to get two of them. They were going to kill me," he said.

"She thought it was funny. She was having a grand old time. She was power tripping on the dog and just kept, just kept laying the dog on me," said Caza.

Caza said he suffered bites on his arm and leg and had to take a week off work after the incident.

Bylaw officers said Koochiajuke was given a warning at the time.

Bylaw was investigating Caza’s case when second attack happened

Iqaluit’s municipal bylaw office said they were in the middle of investigating Caza’s case when the second attack happened.

Officials say there are measures in place for aggressive dogs, but there are no rules for who can get dogs in the city.


Kevin Sloboda, Iqaluit's chief bylaw officer, said even if a dog is taken away from an owner, there is nothing they can do to prevent that owner from getting another dog. (CBC)

"There's no regulation or restriction right now... except for the idea of putting the vicious dog title on the dog and then they're responsible for… following the by-law to the letter of the law there. If they violate any order in the by-law then the dog can be removed,' said Kevin Sloboda, Iqaluit's chief bylaw officer.

Sloboda said that even if a dog is taken away from its owner, there is no law that prevents the owner from getting another animal.

He added Iqaluit’s animal control bylaw is currently being rewritten.