An Iqaluit man caught with more than 70 small bottles of vodka has been sentenced to three weeks in jail.

Joey Akpalialuk, 21, was arrested by RCMP at airport cargo in Iqaluit.

He had gone there to pick up his liquor order and was met by police who searched his car.

Akpalialuk had ordered 72 mickey bottles of vodka from a southern retailer at a cost of $1,000.

He had a liquor permit but confessed to police he planned to sell the alcohol and "double his money."

Akpalialuk pleaded guilty and had no previous criminal record. The crown called for a 60-day jail sentence.

On Thursday, Justice Neil Sharkey sentenced him to 21 days at the Baffin Correctional Centre.

Sharkey told the court bootlegging is not a victimless crime as it affects families and communities.