The Government of Nunavut has confirmed that bed bug problems in Iqaluit began more than a year ago.

Last week, CBC News learned two apartments in a public housing complex in the city had been infested with the bugs, which spread easily. An extermination crew came from Ottawa to fumigate the homes.

In an email statement, the territory’s Health and Social Services (HSS) spokesperson, Ron Wassink, said officials have dealt with bed bugs in Iqaluit before.

He said the department became aware of the problem in June 2010 through a normal complaint process.

"HSS provided identification services and guidance to the owner/landlord and the tenants. Suitable action was taken to eradicate the insects. No public release of information or widespread communications were merited at that time due to the nature of the occurrence," wrote Wassink.

It’s unclear where in the city the bugs were found at that time.  Anyone in Nunavut who suspects their home has been infested with the insects should contact their regional environmental health officer for assistance.