The Northwest Territories’ fire marshal is investigating a fire that destroyed a home on the corner of School Draw Avenue and 44th Street in Yellowknife.

The blaze raged for more than two hours Wednesday afternoon.

No one was hurt and the fire department believes no one was inside at the time.

The city's director of public safety, Dennis Marchiori, says fighting the blaze was difficult, in part because the building was in flames when firefighters arrived.

Glen Abernethy lives next door to the house.

He says firefighters told him the building burned so quickly partly because of its vinyl siding.  

“I was standing in my house looking at the side and one second the side was all green vinyl siding and the fire was in the roof, and within a minute or two the whole side erupted and you could see the vinyl siding melting and pouring down and catching other things on fire.”

Abernethy's home is just a few metres away from the house that burned.

There was some damage, but the direction of the wind, as well as the water from the fire department's fire hose protected his home.

“[The wind] was blowing really strong and it was creating a funnel effect into the attic. Once it got in there, you could see it literally move along and the smoke start to poke out of different sides of the roof. On the far side of the house, the opposite side, I went around and it was like a blow torch coming out of the other vent.”

Abernethy says the home's owners were staying with friends last night.

He says neighbours saw a cat escaping the burning building.

Little remains of the home's roof and the entire frame is charred.

One woman who was outside the home was treated for shock.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.