The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation suspects alcohol may have been a factor in a fire that consumed a six-plex apartment building in Inuvik, N.W.T., on Saturday.

It said it has found alternative housing for five of the six families whose units were destroyed in the fire.

"The status of the lease of the sixth household is pending a determination of whether the fire was initiated in their unit due to intoxication, which would be a violation of their lease," an email from the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation said.

The N.W.T. Fire Marshal's office is still investigating the cause of the fire, but says it appears to have been accidental.  

Meanwhile, the Inuvik Emergency Warming Shelter is collecting donations for the affected families.

"We have a bit of clothing that has been already donated. The volume is a small selection," said Joey Amos, the shelter's director.

"But if people wanted to bring in women's clothing and tops, bottoms, undergarments for the ladies, same for the men."

The housing corporation said the building is likely a write-off and estimates the damage at $2 million.