Inuvik running out of natural gas

The owners of the only natural gas well in Inuvik, N.W.T., say the supply could run dry in less than two years.

Town's well could run dry in less than 2 years

The town of Inuvik, N.W.T., could soon be out of natural gas.

The Arctic town gets its supply from one well, operated by Ikhil Joint Ventures. The group recently announced that well could be empty in less than two years.

The mayor, Denny Rodgers, says it’s up to the well's owners to find a stable supply.

He says he’s confident they will find a solution since the community is surrounded by natural gas reserves.

"When 87 per cent of your residences are on natural gas, not to mention all the new government buildings that have been built here, are all built around the supply of natural gas, obviously it’s huge for us," said Rodgers.

The Ikhil companies suggested drilling another small well near Inuvik.

Rodgers says they should build a 25-kilometre pipeline to connect the town to large reserves at Parson’s Lake.

Those reserves, owned by energy company Conoco Phillips, are part of the proposed Mackenzie Gas Project.

Another town in the territory, Norman Wells, had its natural gas supply cut short after a massive oil spill in northern Alberta forced the Rainbow pipeline to shut down.

That town had to declare a state of emergency in order to cope and find alternative fuel sources.

Natural gas is used for heating homes and businesses, and for cooking appliances, hot water and dryers.