Food trucks are no longer allowed on Inuvik, N.W.T., streets after town council voted Wednesday night to ban the mobile restaurants from public roads.

There is only one food truck in Inuvik ​that operates on the town's main road — Ready Reds. Its owner, Josh Tyler, opposed the outright ban saying it would affect his business.

Town council has given him a temporary exemption from the new bylaw. He has two weeks to move his operations onto private property.

Tyler says despite the new law, he won't be leaving Inuvik.

"I have been selling hotdogs on the streets of Inuvik since 2010; this little bump in the road isn't going to stop me," he said.

"I have put too much into this location. I love where I am at. But if they're going to make me move because of a bylaw, then I am going to have to move because of the bylaw."

Tyler says he's looking for a location on private property where he can park his truck.