Taxi rates in Inuvik are going up, but not as much as some drivers would like.

Town council voted Wednesday night to approve a rise in the flat rate to $6 a ride from $5.

Cab companies approached council for higher rates earlier this year. They wanted to charge $8 a ride in town.

Derek Lindsay, chair of the committee that reviewed the taxi bylaw, said the rate increase is overdue.

"As long-time residents of Inuvik we know that taxi companies definitely deserve some sort of raise because they haven't seen anything since the year 2000," he said.

"However we have to be fair to the residents of Inuvik. Keep in mind a lot of the people who use taxi cabs are a lot of our seniors and those on fixed income. We had to look at that avenue also."

Wayne Smith, a long-time cab driver in Inuvik, said he thinks the rate should be higher.

"I think the town council should be ashamed of themself to announce a $1 increase after 13 years," he said.

"I think it's ridiculous and the solution to that will be the town can buy all our taxi permits, all our vehicles. We'll work for them as a government employee and get $35-45 an hour and the town can charge whatever they like then."

Rates for taking taxis to the airport will also go up to $35 for a one-way ride from $25.

The new rates come into effect on May 24.