A judge has temporarily banished an Inuvik, N.W.T., man from the community, saying it is necessary to ensure the man's family is protected.

Between July and September, Peter Krizan was charged 11 times with violating a family violence protection order to stay away from his family.

The order to stay out of town applies until the court reaches a verdict on those charges. He is also charged with consuming alcohol while under a court order to abstain, as well as driving without a licence or insurance. Krizan is scheduled to enter pleas Nov. 14.

It is the second time Krizan has been barred from the community. In 2010 he was ordered out of town until charges stemming from a five-hour stand-off with police were dealt with.

After living outside of Inuvik for 18 months, he was found not guilty of assault and uttering threats but was convicted of failing to keep the peace. He was also convicted of possessing a prohibited weapon, a kind of switchblade knife.

He was allowed to return to Inuvik but was ordered to stay at least a 100 metres away from his family.

Krizan says it is unfair he was never compensated for the year-and-a-half of lost business he suffered during that first ban. He also says it's unfair that he's being kicked out of town again, because under the law he is presumed innocent.

But Judge Malakoe gave him two choices â€” move to Whitehorse or to his parents’ house in Newfoundland.