The town of Inuvik is thinking about hosting the 2018 Arctic Winter Games

Mayor Floyd Roland says he reached out to other Delta mayors to see if they’re interested in making a joint bid.

That means different events would be held in different communities around the Delta.

Inuvik’s last bid for the games also involved other communities, but was rejected in the end.

“When it came time for a decision of who would host the games we were told they would not look at split venue,” Roland says. “We're informed that this time they would look at a split venue.”


Inuvik mayor, Floyd Roland, says the games would be good for local youth.

Fort Smith and Hay River are already working on a joint bid to host the 2018 games.

Nuuk, Greenland and Iqaluit were the first cities to jointly host the games in 2002. The two cities will host the games again in 2016.

In the past the Delta region has pitched a games where events like the Arctic High Kick would be held in Inuvik, and basketball would be played in Tuktoyaktuk.

Hosting the Arctic Winter Games brings many challenges but also benefits, Roland acknowledges.

“To host something like that in this region, you would have a multitude of youth see the skill level to set their targets for futures games.”

At Inuvik’s Nova Inn, manager Brody Lambe wonders where the thousands of visitors would stay.

“They don't have enough beds, hotel wise,” he says, suggesting they may need to bring in a barge where people can sleep.

But Lambe isn't complaining. He says the games would be good for business.

In order to be considered, Inuvik has to enter its bid by March.