Inuvik fire hall to become Delta hub for training

Inuvik is beefing up its firefighter training facilities in preparation to train volunteers in N.W.T.'s Mackenzie Delta region.

Town's new truck specially outfitted for fighting fires in extreme cold

Tour Inuvik's new fire truck 5:14

Inuvik is set to become the hub for firefighter training in N.W.T.'s Mackenzie Delta region.

The town's fire department will be the region's firefighting school; outlying communities will now go to Inuvik instead of Yellowknife for the formal portion of their training.

Inuvik will also be beefing up its training facilities. It already has a new fire truck and will soon be bringing in a flash over-unit, which gives trainees a real sense of what it's like when a room bursts into flames. 

"To have this artificial training aid that will provide the conditions leading up to that phenomenon is great," said Inuvik Fire Chief Jim Sawkins.

Sawkins says the Inuvik Fire Department is looking for 10 new volunteer recruits to boost its ranks to 50.