Inuvik cheers as 'eyesore' buildings burn

Fire spreads across multiple abandoned buildings.

Residents shout to firefighters 'let it burn'

Inuvik's town council had previously asked the NWT Fire Marshal's office to investigate the derelict buildings. (CBC)
It was not a surprise for many in Inuvik and for some it was welcome news.

Derelict buildings caught fire Monday night.

Residents gathered by the dozens on the street to watch as the buildings burned. Some cheered, honked and were heard shouting "let it burn" to the firefighters.

Some people even brought their children for an evening walk to watch the blaze.

In 2012 Inuvik town council had called on the NWT fire marshal’s office to investigate the buildings, citing a fear that the dry, splintered wood construction could easily catch fire.

Councillors have also long complained about the boarded-up structures which are privately-owned but have been abandoned for several years.  

The buildings are on the corner of Inuit and Raven street.

Most windows were broken and many walls covered in spray-paint vandalism.

Firefighters checked the buildings for any occupants including homeless people.

They attempted to control the burn and managed to prevent it spreading to nearby buildings.

No injuries have been reported.

The buildings are now said to be gutted with only the frames left standing.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.