One of Inuvik, NWT’s most recognizeable buildings has suffered some fire damage .

Firefighters were called at 1:54 this morning to the headquarters of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.

Inuvik Fire Chief Jim Sawkins says the fire was contained to three offices on the third floor.


Fire Chief Jim Sawkins says the fire has its origins in an electrical plug. He does not suspect foul play. (Desmond Loreen)

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation CEO Nellie Cournoyea’s office was not affected. Sawkins says the office suffered some smoke and water damage but was spared from the flames.

Sawkins says that 24 volunteers fought the fire. They used two pumper trucks a 16-foot rescue vehicle as well as a ladder truck which was recently acquired in case of an emergency in a tall building.

The firefighters cleared the scene at 7am after fighting the fire for several hours.

Sawkins says it appears the fire has its origins in an electrical outlet of an office.

He says the damage is more severe because alarm systems and sprinklers failed to engage.  

"The fire had taken a good hold by the time we were called as neither the sprinkler system nor the alarm system indicated there was a fire," he said.

No firefighters were injured and the office was unattended in the early morning hours.

"My hat’s off and kudos to my firefighters for doing an excellent job," he said.