Elementary school teachers from every community in Nunavut are in Iqaluit this week to discuss changes to the Inuktitut curriculum.

“The Inuktitut curriculum did not have a lot of information, so we’re revising it,” says Suzie Muckpah, the K-6 coordinator with the department of education.

The project to revise the curriculum started two years ago. Now, teachers are meeting with education officials in Iqaluit to share ideas and ask questions.

“This meeting is important because children, our grandchildren, need to understand and speak Inuktitut,” says Annie Manning Lampron, a retired teacher from Cape Dorset.

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In the past, Inuktitut teachers had to come up with their own ideas and materials to teach Inuktitut. (CBC)

In the past, Inuktitut-speaking teachers had to rely on their own ideas  and materials  to teach Inuktitut. However, some teachers say it’s not easy coming up with ideas when their students mostly speak English in the community.

Department of Education officials are pleased with the meeting so far.

Jacqui Bishop is with curriculum school services. “It’s very important because it’s a revised curriculum that will meet the needs, the language needs, of our students in today’s society.”

The revised curriculum will be proofread, and sent to schools in the winter or spring.