Baffinland Iron Mines has teamed up with the Ilisaqsivik Society in Clyde River to offer a 10-day job readiness program in preparation for the opening of the Mary River mine.

It began last December.

Jake Gearheard, executive director for the Ilisaqsivik Society, says the course is life-changing for some of the participants.

"More than half the people in every workshop we've run did not have a bank account at all," he said.

"You end up doing all your banking at the Northern Store or at the local co-op which may not give you all the options you know you could have."

The course covers things such as stress management, financial responsibility and addictions. Gearheard says it's all done in Inuktitut. 

More than 300 people so far have attended the courses held in Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay, Igloolik, Clyde River and Hall Beach.