A Pangnirtung, Nunavut company has come up with an app to help people learn Inuktitut using music.

Users can get the definitions and pronunciations of the words in the songs' lyrics, consequently learning the language through song.

"It's really an introduction for people who want to understand Inuit culture and understand Inuit language," said Ryan Oliver, the director of Pinnguaq, the company behind the Singuistics app..

 "It kind of takes this idea that music can get stuck in your head really easily and as a result, without even realizing it, you're repeating things to yourself and it's just kind of a more natural way to learn." 

There are several modes for the app, such as playback, practice and perform. Oliver says the app is for all ages but kids really seem to like it.

"Just the fact that they're able to sing and surround themselves with the language, I think it would have a lot of benefit for education at any level in Nunavut," he said. 

Since being launched in mid-December, the free app has been downloaded not only in the North, but in Southern Canada, Germany, France and Australia as well.

Oliver says more songs from Nunavut artists will be added throughout the year.