A Whitehorse resident says the main intersection out of the new Ingram subdivision was 'poorly designed,' and is a safety issue. 

Denny Day says the design of the neighbourhood's access road only allows for a right-hand turn onto Hamilton Boulevard. He says that forces drivers wanting to go left to make a U-turn in the middle of a busy intersection.

Day went to Whitehorse City Council with his concerns.


Mayor Dan Curtis says the Ingram subdivision intersection is a matter for the city's traffic committee.

"Ingram is a new subdivision and it was very poorly designed, to be honest," he said. "There's so much bottle-necking happening.

"Good planning makes good building. Good building — you don't have a lot of maintenance, everybody's happy."

Mayor Dan Curtis says the issue is a matter for the city's traffic committee.

He says if the committee identifies a problem, it can make a recommendation to city council. However, the mayor says the issue in the Ingram subdivision would have to be placed in priority with other traffic issues around the city that have have been identified for attention.