Ice Wireless-Iristel says the 3G network it plans to launch with a Chinese company will be secure, despite a U.S. Intelligence Committee warning that the company could be involved in spying.

Huawei Canada partnered with Iristel and Ice Wireless last month to launch a 3G network across the three territories.

The U.S. Intelligence Committee says Huawei could be involved in espionage and is warning companies against using its equipment.

Here in the territories, Huawei will provide antennas and fibre optic cables.

But the president of Ice Wireless-Iristel, Samer Bishay, said network security is in the hands of his companies.

"It seems a little absurd what I'm hearing — from a technology perspective," he said. "Network security lies ultimately with the service provider. So, if you can control your network well, then I don't see how any outside force could really override these controls."

Bishay said the spy warnings don't change anything and their multi-year contract with Huawei is still intact.

If solid evidence surfaces against the company, he said they'll assess the situation and tackle it accordingly.