Ice Wireless plans to roll out its 3G cellular network in Iqaluit by the end of October.

It's a month later than originally planned, but Ice Wireless plans to roll out its 3G cellular service to Iqaluit by the end of October.

Ice Wireless plans to be the first to bring 3G service to Iqaluit. And the company's president and CEO Samer Bishay says Rogers and Fido customers will be able to use the network once it's activated.

Bishay says Ice Wireless customers will have to dial 867 before calls.

"Then, our exchange is the 877," Bishay says, "and people are used to the 222 here for mobile. So basically they have to go through the area code, the phone number and the last four digits."

"That's 10-digit dialing. It'll be a bit annoying in the beginning but that's the standard everywhere else in North America," Bishay says.

Ice Wireless was going to launch this month. But now it will be ready at the end of October. 

Bishay was testing and using the 3G network around Iqaluit last week. The company is still figuring out how to bring the service to Apex as well.

Qikiqtaaluk Information Technology Corporation is Ice Wireless' storefront partner.