A Yellowknife woman has found a new use for her son's Lego, taking photos of the toys on the ice road between Yellowknife and Dettah. 

Dana Merrigan came up with the idea in 2012, when she started thinking about how much Lego her son had and how fun it woud be to pose them on the ice road. Merrigan started taking pictures on her way home from work in Dettah and posting them on her Facebook page. 

Ice road Lego

Con Mine's Robertson headframe is visible along the horizon on the right. (Dana Merrigan/Twitter)

Her friends and family loved the pictures, even if the scale confused some of them. 

"Some of the people thought they were real [vehicles]," Merrigan says, laughing. 

She says she tries to keep the landmark Con Mine headframe in the background, for a geographical reference point. The headframe may soon be dismantled.  

Merrigan will continue posting the pictures on social media with the encouragement of her son, who is now old enough to understand the project and even help build the Lego with her.