Ice Pilots NWT has been a hit on television and now there's a book based on the popular show.

The Ice Pilots: Flying with the Mavericks of the Great White North, written by Michael Vlessides, is based on the lives of the cast of characters at the renegade family-run airline.

Vlessides is a former editor of the northern magazine Up Here. He also penned a best-seller about another northern character, ‘Survivorman’ Les Stroud, who also has his own popular television show.

The launch will be in Yellowknife on Saturday, Jan. 21 at the Book Cellar on 49 Street at 2 p.m. MT.


Mikey McBryan, Buffalo Airways' general manager and one of Ice Pilots NWT's stars, will be at the Yellowknife Book Cellar Saturday to celebrate the launch of a book based on the airline. (CBC)

Mikey McBryan, general manager of Buffalo Airways, said he and a few others from the show will be around for the launch.

"So if anyone is in Yellowknife, we’ll be signing books and, you know, there will be give-aways and free food and all that kind of fun stuff. When you read it you can kind of see how it is behind the cameras," said McBryan.

The book is published by Douglas & McIntyre.