Yukon's paleontologist discovered an intact skull of an ancient ice age horse Wednesday at Canyon Creek, near Dawson City.

Grant Zazula

Yukon paleontologist Grant Zazula discovered an intact skull of an ancient ice age horse Wednesday on Canyon Creek, near Dawson City. (submitted by Grant Zazula)

Grant Zazula says it's not uncommon to find fragments of ice age fossils, but a complete skull is rare. He says he's now working on research about the large variance in the size of ice age horses.

"To have a complete skull to add to our analysis will be really, really useful," he said.

The results of his research will be presented this fall in Germany.

Ice age horses became extinct in North America around 12,000 years ago. Domestic horses found in North America today are descended from stock brought from Europe.

This most recent fossil discovery was captured by a German documentary film crew. A feature about Yukon paleontology will air in Europe, this winter.