A Fort Smith man is watching a legal battle that's made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada over Metis hunting rights.

The case involves men in Northern Ontario and Manitoba who were charged with illegal hunting.

The Metis have argued they have the right to hunt and fish without a license, and consider this case is the most important Metis court appearance since the trial of Louis Riel.

Ken Hudson of Fort Smith has a personal interest in the case.

Hudson tried twice to challenge limits to Metis rights by hunting in Wood Buffalo National Park.

"There are other issues in relation to Metis rights that have to be dealt with," he says. "This is just one of the first steps in restoring rights and getting some equal footing to the rights treaty Indians have."

The Ontario Metis case has taken 10 years to make its way to the Supreme Court.

It could be several months before the judge makes his ruling on the case.