A former Inuvik teacher got an unfriendly welcome in court today.

A sign appeared outside the Inuvik courthouse as Hugues Latour was entering.

It said "Child molesters are not welcome in our town."

Latour has never been convicted of any such charges. He has faced numerous charges in the past, including accusations  of making child pornography and invitation to sexual touching, that were later thrown out of court.

Latour was in court this morning trying to get access to the child he had with a former student.

He  was told that the Inuvik court is unable to enforce a higher court’s ruling, and that he would have to go back to the supreme court.

The judge also dropped a charge against Latour's former girlfriend alleging that she assaulted him.

Meanwhile, the mother of his child is trying to get a peace bond that would force Latour to stay away from her and her child.

The judge agreed to proceed with the application for a peace bond against Latour.

First the courts will have to line up a french-speaking judge, clerk and interpreter.

The application has been set for May 21.