A man who lives near Enterprise, Northwest Territories wants his dog back.

Charlie the dog has a habit of hitchhiking along the Mackenzie Highway and is usually found in another town within two or three days, but this time it’s been 20 days since she was last home.

"I don't think she got lost,” says Russell Chase, Charlie’s owner, who knows well that Charlie likes to roam, and catch rides.

Charlie has been found in Hay River and Fort Providence, and Chase recalls one episode when she wound up almost 300 kilometres north of home. 

“They opened the door and the dog jumped in and went to Yellowknife and stayed in a motel for two days and ate hamburgers. If there’s a seat up front, that's the first place she'll go."

Enterprise, NWT highway map

Charlie has traveled as far as 300 kilometres on her own, from Enterprise to Yellowknife.

Chase says he usually learns about Charlie's adventures within a few days.

But not this time.

He says Charlie left early one evening to go hunting, and didn’t come back.

Chase rules out traps since there aren't many in the area, and says Charlie knows how to act around bears.

He thinks this time, Charlie got out on the highway, somebody liked her and decided to keep her.

"I kinda blame myself a little bit for not always having her contained or on a leash or in here, but that's not much of a life either."

Charlie is a Norwegian Elkhound, about two and a half years old.

She has a collar with a phone number on it.

Chase asks if anyone has found Charlie, to please give him a call.