Residents of Old Crow, Yukon's most northern and isolated community, are excited about some upcoming deliveries, from flour to furniture, that are coming in thanks to a special Hercules charter that starts flying to the community this week.

The Yukon government has contracted the Hercules aircraft to transport construction materials and dump trucks for a $4-million upgrade to Old Crow's road system.

It is expected to cost the government almost $200,000 for the five flights scheduled between Inuvik, N.W.T., and Old Crow. To minimize costs, Old Crow residents were allowed to book cargo space on the flights.

"A big part of the cost is positioning the plane in the North, so once you do get it in place you want the community to take as much advantage [of it] as possible," said Pat Molloy, the Yukon government's director of community infrastructure.

'Christmas in March'

Vuntut Gwitchin Liberal MLA Darius Elias said the Hercules flights provide a rare opportunity for residents in Old Crow, which is accessible only by air, to order personal items and have them flown up.

"There's everything coming, from vehicles to laundry detergent to pallets of flour and food supplies, as well as a couple of houses," Elias said.

"There's large bulk items, there's personal vehicles going in. So it's kind of like Christmas in March for my community."

The local RCMP detachment is getting a new cruiser brought up, while the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation is getting a new shuttle van for local elders.

The first Hercules charter flight, carrying 13.6 tonnes of lumber, is expected to arrive in Old Crow on Tuesday.