A C-130 Hercules is on its way to Rankin Inlet to help with the search for a 24-year-old hunter missing since Friday.

The Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Trenton, Ont., says the plane should be arriving late Tuesday afternoon.

The missing hunter went out on the land on Friday and didn't return as planned Friday evening.

Blizzard conditions in the area have delayed efforts. The weather has eased up but local searchers are concerned about the extreme cold temperatures.

"The hunter is experienced and we were told he could have caught a caribou and he's able to build an igloo," said Paul Kanayok, chairperson for Rankin Inlet Search and Rescue. "His skills would help him but, it's been very cold."

The Hercules will fly over the area where it's believed the man went hunting.

Twelve ground searchers were also planning to continue the search Tuesday afternoon.