A third straight day of heavy fog in Iqaluit is affecting flights in and out of the capital.

John Hawkins, Iqaluit's airport manager says just about every flight over the last two days has been cancelled or delayed, and that’s causing a backlog.

“Canadian North came in here very late yesterday,” he says. “I think they were five or six hours late, so that affects the crew duty day and the rest period they require before flying again. So it sort of knocks on to all the schedules.”

Flights into the capital are essential as a primary method of importing fresh food and produce, outside of the annual sealift that’s just beginning to arrive in the capital now that Frobisher Bay is free of ice.

Ottawa flights were delayed again today. This morning, Hawkins said they were still in a holding pattern. There are moments when the fog lifts, but Hawkins said longer flights need to make sure they have a good window.

"They have to know they have a good window to get in here with because it's a three hour flight up and if they have to turn around or fly to an alternate and hold for a couple of hours, it impacts their scheduling, it impacts the use of their crew and their equipment."

Shorter flights within Baffin can take a shot at landing in Iqaluit, said Hawkins, because the conditions likely won't change during the flight.

But Hawkins said no one can doing anything about the weather.

"It's the time of year where everyone needs a bit of patience. We generally get some kind of fog situation in the summer. And this is it right now."

Hawkins, who’s held the post since January of 2011, says he can’t remember a time since then that the weather has affected so many flights.

The airlines cancelled 12 flights on Monday and six on Tuesday.