A Yukon couple charged with attempted murder after fleeing suspects fired one or more bullets at police in Haines Junction on Sept. 26 have been given another three weeks to seek legal aid.


Madley's Store in Haines Junction was broken into on Sept. 26 and an employee was pepper-sprayed and beaten.

Whitehorse residents Chris Cornell, 29 and Jessica Johnson, 21, were scheduled for brief court appearances Friday but the hearing was adjourned after Johnson fell ill.

Paramedics attended to her in the court house but she was later seen walking unaided to a waiting ambulance.

Haines Junction police responded to a robbery call at Madley’s General Store last week, during which they say an employee was pepper-sprayed and beaten.

Police later came across a suspicious vehicle and gave chase along the Alaska Highway. During the pursuit one or more shots were fired by the suspects in the direction of police.

Haines Junction detachment commander Cpl. Kim MacKellar suffered non-life threatening injuries "as a result of the shooting," RCMP spokesman Sgt. Don Rogers said last week.

However, it is not clear whether MacKellar was hit by a bullet or injured some other way.

Cornell and Johnson are facing a number of charges including attempted murder, assault and robbery.

The two are scheduled to appear in court Oct. 19.