An 18-year-old Hay River man who pointed a loaded gun at another man last week was sentenced to five months in jail today.

Wade Fabian admitted to pointing the gun at his mother's boyfriend after the boyfriend got involved in an argument between Fabian and his mother.

The gun went off when his mother struggled to get the rifle from him. Fabian had been drinking at the time.

He was also intoxicated the week before, when he got into another incident — a fight at a house in Hay River.

Police found a pair of brass knuckles in his pocket when they arrested him.

Fabian lives with his father in High Level, where he works as a construction labourer, according to his lawyer.

Paul Falvo says his client can stay out of trouble as long as he stays out of Hay River, where alcohol and violence were part of Fabian's home life growing up.