Hay River Olympian Brendan Green heads home for ski race

Green, as well as girlfriend and fellow Olympian Rosanna Crawford will be taking part in the annual PTUB races at the Hay River Ski Club this weekend.

Green and girlfriend Rosanna Crawford to talk to young athletes about what it takes to succeed

A Hay River ski tournament will have an Olympic presence this weekend.

Hometown Olympian Brendan Green finished 9th during the 15-kilometre dash in Sochi, Russia just last month. Now, he's bringing that experience home.

"It brings back a lot of memories for sure," Green said.

After competing in his second Olympics last month in Sochi, Russia, Hay River's Brendan Green is heading home this weekend for the PTUB ski race at the local ski club. (CBC)
Green will be taking part in the annual PTUB races at the Hay River Ski Club this weekend, but also speaking to students and future athletes about what it takes to succeed.

"If you find something you're passionate about and really pursue it you can kind of take that anywhere, whether it be the Olympics or the arts or music or something like that. Anything is possible with hard work," he said.

His girlfriend Rosanna Crawford also competed in Sochi in the biathlon, and will join him in Hay River this weekend. 

She says it's inspiring to see the amount of support Green received from his hometown throughout the Olympics.

"Every day he'd wake up and show me his emails that he'd gotten from the North, of everyone dressed in green and I was always pretty jealous of that," Crawford said. "But Brendan has been such a huge inspiration to just me, I can't imagine what he's done for the community up here."

Green and Crawford will compete in the skate race on Sunday.


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