The Hay River, N.W.T., man accused of second-degree murder in the death of Linda Lafferty appeared in territorial court Thursday.

Richard Deleeuw, 25, is known to have psychological problems.

Deleeuw didn't flinch when cameras met him as he entered territorial court Thursday morning.

A CBC News reporter in the courthouse says he looked around the room as he sat on the stand, and then stared intently at two people in the room.


Richard Deleeuw, 25, is accused of second-degree murder in the death of his mother, Linda Lafferty. (CBC)

Witnesses claim Monday night that they saw Deleeuw walking away from his bleeding mother, Linda Lafferty, down the street as if nothing had happened.

Ray Courtoreille is one of Lafferty's in-laws and lives next door. He had spent some time with Deleeuw shortly before the incident

 "I spoke with Richard earlier in the evening. We stood outside his house and had a talk and he seemed OK," said Courtoreille.

Trinda Rodger is Lafferty's cousin and lives right across the street.

 "She's a good mum and she'd do anything for her children and her children always came first and she's very family-oriented," said Rodger.

Shawn Evans, Rodger's fiancé, said he tried to help when he heard Lafferty's scream on the evening of the incident.

He said Deleeuw had a history of erratic behaviour and had spent some time in psychological care.

"She's the one that took him out, felt sorry for him and everything else and this is how she gets repaid. Not very fair for her or the family," said Evans.

Evans said Deleeuw had been refusing to take his medication.

 "They're trying to feed him medication through sandwiches or food and he wouldn't eat it," he said.

In court Thursday, prosecutors asked for more time to look into the case against Deleeuw.

Meanwhile in Hay River, friends and family have begun to arrive in the town to mourn the loss of Lafferty.