The Town of Hay River, N.W.T., is in shock and mourning after news broke Monday that a local woman had died in a violent incident.

The woman who died was Linda Lafferty, a mother of five.

The man who has been charged with second-degree murder in this case is her son, Richard Deleeuw, 25. Deleeuw is now in police custody.

Family and friends are in mourning for Lafferty, and in shock at the news that her son is now accused in her death.

On Monday, Lafferty was left bleeding on her front porch from what witnesses said was an apparent knife wound. Then, neighbours said they saw Deleeuw walk away from the scene and down the street.

Trinda Rodger is Lafferty’s cousin. She and her fiancé live across the street from where Lafferty lived.

"We were just talking about when we get married there we want her right there. Now she's not going to be there anymore... so it's pretty hard," said Rodger.

This is the second violence incident in the town in recent months. Early this summer there was a double murder in a high-rise.

Town Councillor Kevin Wallington said he knows Hay River has its problems, but he said it isn’t any different from a big city when it comes to violent attacks.

"In a large city, these things happen and you just hear them in the news and they pass you by. But in a small town when they have a direct effect on your life or the quality of life that you feel people have in your community... it shakes you," said Wallington.

Wallington added that the town stands by the Lafferty family.

"We send out our prayers and support to the family. We can't imagine what they're going through right now but I've heard already that there are people in the community just stepping up just letting them know they're there."

Deleeuw is scheduled to make his first appearance in territorial court Thursday in Yellowknife.