Business owners in Haines Junction are reviving something that "fell by the wayside" a few years back — a local chamber of commerce.

"There's definitely a momentum happening, and I just think the time was right to get the business community together to speak in a united voice," said Paula Pawlovich, the new president of the St. Elias Chamber of Commerce.

Pawlovich said a recent meeting to re-establish the organization drew 40 people, with 10 of them putting their names forward to join the board of directors.

"I wasn't prepared for the turnout," Pawlovich said. "The mood of business in Haines Junction is very positive."

Pawlovich points to a number of new businesses that have opened in the community in recent years, including a hostel, a hotel, and a grocery store she owns, the Little Green Apple. The "iconic" Haines Junction bakery also has new owners.

She said there are no big, pressing issues for the chamber to deal with, but there are things "on the horizon", such as next year's 75th anniversary of the Alaska Highway. Roadside signage is also an issue that needs to be talked about, Pawlovich said. 

"It's a very exciting start to 2016," she said.