The Gwich'in Tribal Council will meet with Premier Bob McLeod on Monday in Inuvik, N.W.T. The closed-door meeting is the first since the Gwich'in agreed to sign on to the territory’s devolution agreement in September.

The council's chief operating officer, Fred Koe, said that as a condition of signing the agreement-in-principle, the Gwich'in requested several meetings with the premier every year.

"It's a talk on government issues, things that are impacting the Gwich'in, and services that government are providing to the Gwich'in," Koe said. "We're talking about making things better, making things work and looking at some innovative ideas."

In past meetings the Gwich’in Tribal Council has requested more funding for nurses and elder care in small communities.

In October, the territorial government pledged to help the Gwich'in obtain more government work contracts.

The council was previously against signing on to the agreement-in-principle and even filed a lawsuit against the federal and territorial governments, saying it was not properly consulted in the negotiation process.

The council changed its mind in September and signed on to the deal the following month. At the time, council president Robert Alexie Jr. said they did not want to be on the outside looking in.