An uncertain publishing future does not seem to have affected the sales on Gwich'in author Robert Alexie's newly-released book.

Alexie's first book, Porcupines and China Dolls, is published by Stoddart, the Canadian publishing giant that was granted court protection from its creditors last week. It reportedly owes over $40 million.

However, tables in Inuvik's book store are stacked with mostly northern books, but one book is missing since Alexie's new book has been sold out for weeks.

Boreal Book's owner Bob Rowe ordered 50 copies and can't remember the last time all of one book sold so quickly.

"[Alexie is] local author that is well-known and well-liked by everyone," he said. "His books have had phenomenal sales."

Other book stores may not be selling with the same success as Rowe's, but the Yellowknife Book Cellar has sold 34 copies and eight people asked to have the book put aside.

Owner Judith Drinin said she re-ordered 80 copies and attributes the book's success to Alexie's being from the north.

"We get a lot of stuff written about the north, much of which is really good," she said. "But, it's written by people outside that environment. When you get people like Richard Van Camp and Alexie, they're writing about the area and it's first-hand."

In Edmonton, the national book store Chapters just got Alexie's book in this week and although Stoddart's future is unclear Alexie's publisher sent authors letters explaining it will continue its book commitments.